Having not reviewed a wine rack with a glass door I decided to venture out and give you an overview of the Winsome wood wine cabinet with a glass door front. I have reviewed several of your standard wood wine racks, but as I like to do on this blog is give you a variety of wine racks and the Winsome wine racks is a great rack to take a look at if your looking for elegance.

My initial thought of the overall construction is what you would expect in a $140 wine rack. A nice reinforcement pieces is that the back of the Winston wine rack is made of actual plywood. With many wine racks that need assembly you will probably get a cardboard packing that is installed with tack nails. Again, the Winston, it comes with a ply wood backing that has slats. The slats are also nice because the shelving fits right in without the need of glue or nails. The overall assembly took less than an hour with no problems. Many people have complained about receiving pieces that were damaged such as the door stops and back panels. And I will say that I can see these door stops breaking at some point. They are made of plastic and look pretty flimsy. The other complaint by many customer is the strong sense of furniture polish. Again, no problems here as we felt the odor was not all that strong, or at least not strong enough for it to be a deal breaker.

Now as you may notice on my blog is that I don’t really review very high-end wood wine racks. I stick to what I feel will look nice and provide your wine with adamant amount of protection. This wine rack fit’s right into that zone quite nicely. Keep in mind that it only hold 16 bottles, so if you an extensive wine collection…this is not for you, but overall it’s not to expensive but very attractive and sturdy. The deep dark Expresso finish really makes the Winston wine rack stand out. An added benefit of the Expresso finish is that it will blend in nicely with a board range of decor.


  • Does feature an elegant looking glass door for easy viewing of your wine collection
  • Storage capacity is 16 bottles of wine
  • Glass rack holds about 8-12 long stem glasses
  • Made of solid wood and finish in a Deep Espresso color
  • Flat satin nickle hardware

You can’t beat the price and quality of the Winsome wood wine cabinet with glass door. I would place this wine rack in an entry level wine collector looking to showcase their collection without breaking the bank.


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